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Monday, February 8, 2010

First Day of Chemo, Round 3.

Monday, Feb 8, 2010. Off to Froedtert once again, before 8:00 AM. (Thank you Dawn, for getting the children off to school.)

Carl's blood levels were good, he's healthy, so he was cleared for more Chemo. (If Carl's levels weren't good, he would have to wait until he was better. Then he could come back, so that chemotherapy could make him sick enough to get his blood levels unhealthily low again.
This is what is done to kill cancer cells...)

Chemotherapy Round three started Monday afternoon in Room 6 of Froedtert's 4th Floor North Tower. We refer to 4NT as "The Spa". Tests, appointments, and admitting procedures took up the majority of the morning.

We had a family meal Monday night. Our independent panel of children randomly tested room service entrees and decided they would be happy to come back for more.

(I think that the food service may change room service delivery rules if we eat there too much, but the party was fun. Room service takes Visa.)
Party entertainment included watching TV.

Carl is having even more Chemotherapy then last time. There are four bags of chemotherapy drugs and 4 pumps going this time, versus 3 bags & pumps last time. The liquids are "infused" or delivered into the blood over 22 hours. Then Carl gets to take a shower, and the staff starts another 22 hour infusion. He should get 4 of these 22 hour infusions over the next 4 days, ending on Friday.

The Brown bag chemical is not embarrassed or shy. It is covered with a brown bag because it is light sensitive. Weird, huh?

Go Carl Go. God bless you and give you strength. I love you, and we wish you were here at home with us tonight.

I am grateful that we live in the time and place where we can get the medical care we need so that Carl can come home in better health - in the long run. Thank you to the medical staff who cares for Carl and others with cancer, and the decades of medical, scientific and engineering knowledge, improvement and innovation that has gone into getting cancer care to where it is today. Many lives have been saved because these professionals have studied hard, worked late into the night, not always taken the easy route, and been inspired.


Roxann said...

My prayer for Carl today is for the chemo to kill, dry up, and blow away all his cancer cells. Also that God will grant him a long and healthy life. Blessings, Roxann Hamblin

Bridget said...

I think it's wonderful that the whole family was able to have a party with Carl his first night at the hospital. That's powerfully healing stuff.

TAMMY said...

We continue to pray for Carl's quick and full recovery from this journey.
How wonderful for the whole family to be able to eat together even if it was hospital food.
Take Care jeanne, hoping we can get together again soon.

Beth Neel said...

Jeanne, what a wonderful post! I particularly enjoyed the party pictures. Your gratitude at the end was pretty wonderful too. I will call Carl this week as I have a wee bit of a cold which he doesn't need to interact with. Call if you need a thing, and know you are in my prayers.