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Monday, November 28, 2011

November 2011

November 2011 brought colder weather and some cold rainy days.  November was quieter then preceding months - for one thing Carl stopped going to work.  Despite the wheelchair for mobility, Carl's energy has continued to decline, and not working is one way to conserve his remaining energy. 
Carl and some of his co-workers
So some of Carl's coworkers came and visited Carl.  They told me that the music around the office has changed somewhat without Carl helping with the selections.  Not for the better, Carl is guessing.

Carl's nephew came into town with his first child - Carl's first great-niece Emily.  Carl's experience with 4 children had little Emily smiling in his arms. 
Carl, his sister, Emily and Emily's family

A highlight of November was going to our Church's "Great Getaway" retreat weekend in Green Lake Wisconsin from November 11 to November 13, 2011.  Crossroad Presbyterian Church has had an annual retreat in November for many years, and our family has enjoyed going.  (I think our family has gone at least four times.)  The retreat is just people from our church (and the speakers), and so the participants can end up getting to know each other very well.  For this weekend the sun came out and the weather was great.  Carl and I were really hoping we could go as a family, and we surprised many people when we did.  Carl was really tired after that weekend, of course.  
Dinner with adults at the Church retreat
Our Family at the Church Retreat

Thanksgiving Day was a laid back day with the family and wonderful food.  The children's Thanksgiving break was 6 days long, starting on Tuesday and going through Sunday.  We watched a lot of TV and it was kind of noisy at the house. 
Thanksgiving Dinner at our house

In spite of Carl's cancer, we feel we have so much to be thankful for.  But I guess I'll leave that for another post.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 


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Ava said...

I don't know if you have noticed, but in every group photo, your children , family and friends form a kind of human shield around Carl. The body language shows what a loving community you have around your world. A testament to what kind of wonderful people you are. Sending you a big Aussie hello xx