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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chemotherapy Round 3 is over

Carl third Chemotherapy session went very well. He checked into Froedtert Hospital Monday, February 8, 2010, and came home Friday, February 12, 2010. As in Course 2, the first two days he felt pretty good. This time he started getting very tired on Wednesday, and was pretty "out of it" on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday he felt fairly bad , and told me not to come and visit before I picked him up. (Carl describes it like feeling you are coming down with the flu, which I interpret as achy, tired, unwell, and not interested in food.)

The doctors send him home on Friday from inpatient chemo with a boatload of prescription medicines for nausea, pain, and more. (7 different prescriptions, I think, some crucial, some of optional, some of them to counteract side effects, etc.) On Saturday and Sunday Carl felt fairly bad whenever the prescriptions wore off, but otherwise rested and watched the Olympics with the children.

On Sunday morning I drove Carl back to Froedtert for a Neulasta shot. Neulasta is prescription drug, administered as an injection, that boosts white blood cells in the body. It is apparently very expensive. (Somewhere between $1000 to $7000, give or take a thousand, the nurse guessed.)

On Monday Carl rested and didn't go to work. He did leave the house to briefly go to Homestead High School to talk about Tom's High school schedule for Sophomore year.

It's Tuesday Feb 16, 2010.
Carl went into work today. He let me drive him in, and agreed that this time around he will be taking it easier then last time, where he admits he might have overdone things a bit. We are back to a happy place where the anxiety is pushed off, at least for the time being, and we can pretend things are normal.

Thank you again, for all your support and prayers.


TAMMY said...

Thanks for the update Jeanne,
Glad to hear that last week was sort of uneventful.
We are continuing to pray for Carl, you and the children.
Take care, hope we can get together again soon.
lots of love, hugs, prayers

marie norgal said...

So grateful you are finding the time to write to all of us. I've been sharing some of your story with my students. I especially loved (and shared) your closing comment about gratitude for those who have studied hard and not always taken the easy route. Hoping carl's journey will encourage one more future doctor, scientist, or engineer. We are all praying! your strength and courage is indescribable. Love you both.

Steve & Abby Carpenter said...

Your family rocks! Prayers for you, the family and of course Carl... every night! Let us know how we can help. - Steve & Abby