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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Vacation

July has been flying by at a fast pace.

Carl, the children and I went to Carl's Dad's cabin in Grass Lake, Michigan for a week over the 4th of July. We had a good time hanging out with relatives and cousins. We saw an airshow and a hot air balloon launch. We boated and played and fished. (OK, I did not fish, I just took pictures). We saw sights and ate out. We had a private tour of a haunted house. Carl did most of the driving (his choice), and we put over 1100 miles on the car.

2010 Battle Creek hot air balloons

We returned to Wisconsin, relaxed over the weekend, and attended my Godchild's graduation party (He was a salutatorian, I'm so proud).

Carl has been doing well and his leg has recovered well enough that this weekend, (July 10, 2010) Carl even went for a bike ride in Mequon on Saturday.

Vacation is over, tomorrow (Monday, July 12, 2010) is another chemotherapy day.

People have asked me how long will Carl be getting a chemotherapy course more or less every three weeks. I usually answer "through 2010". The Doctors don't say much on this point, basically the answer is "a long time".

A friend who had breast cancer (yes, that is a totally different type of cancer, I know) had chemotherapy every three weeks for two entire years. I didn't know they did chemotherapy that long for breast cancer. Carl's sarcoma is probably as bad or worse then her cancer was. (It is certainly rarer.)

Perhaps the Dr's. don't want to put us in a coma by telling us how long Carl's sarcoma will need to get chemotherapy. Either way, chemotherapy beats the alternative, and I no longer dread the "chemotherapy day", or get as stressed out before it, like I used to. I guess one can get used to almost anything. :-O


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

oh Jeanne, I am so sorry to hear about Carl. My prayers will be will with you. glad a litte vacation was had-

I'll put you on the list -always one of my chicks- of cousre I did not forget you you . you where my biggest cheerleader- thanks

lori pierret said...

Dear Carl & Jeanne,
Glad you had a great vacation in MI. What a beautiful picture of the hot air balloons! Vacations are always good for us, but especially when it gives you a break from cancer, treatment, MD appointments, etc....
I designed a luminary for Carl at the Cedarburg Relay for Life last Fri and his name was read during the luminary ceremony. It's a nice event and we try to participate every year. It's a small way to help fight this sucky disease. We wish you well. You're in our thoughts and prayers
Lori and Gordy