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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healing prayer

A devout and respected friend wrote down this prayer for Carl, and I wanted to share it. This prayer is written to be said by a person as a healing prayer for their self. It can be modified to be a prayer for healing someone else.

I thank you that in 1 Peter 2:24, your word says,
"by His stripes we were healed."
If I was healed, then I am healed

and You have put the same power inside of me that raised Jesus from the dead, according to Ephesians 1:14 and I praise You for this,
and by Proverbs 18:21 "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" that I not only have this power, but the authority to release this power through my words

so I speak to my cancer/pain/sickness;
cancer/pain/sickness; in the name of Jesus
I command you to leave my body

and I command whatever the source of this cancer/pain/sickness;
the root cause of the cancer/pain/sickness

and I curse this root cause
and command it to dry up and be dead
and this cancer/pain/sickness to come out of my body in Jesus name.

Now Body, you recover.
If there was anything or any part of my body that was damaged;
I speak the life of God; the quickening power;
the resurrection life to my body

and I thank you Lord God; my creator, my sustainer,
I praise you most High God - All praise and glory and honor to you!

Personally, I have seen the power of prayer before often enough to be able to affirm it's results. I don't pass results off as coincidence. I can understand a skeptic not believing in the power of prayer, but that just informs me that a skeptic has cut themselves off from an powerful tool.

God does not answer every prayer the way we hope it will be answered. And it is easier to believe that a prayer like this has more possibility of reducing pain then eliminating cancer (Why?). But I have not yet ruled out that prayer (and the Dr.'s skills guided and inspired by God) will cure Carl, and I know that to date the prayers Carl and others have said have had positive outcomes already within Carl's cancer.

I am sharing this prayer today because I have been internally urged to share it ("called?") - There are many others out there who suffer with pain, sickness, addictions, or other issues whom I believe this prayer can help. Share this prayer with others as God calls you to.

I know this prayer has helped my family. And I thank again all of those people who pray for and continue to pray for Carl. God Bless you.

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