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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diet changes due to Cancer

Carl goes through the cancer treatments with a good spirit, and follows the Doctor's advice. What else are we doing to battle the cancer? Actually there ARE some dietary things we are doing which we hope will help crush the cancer cells.
Raspberries Cancer diet berries and Agave Nectar

My sister-in-law sent me the book titled "Anti cancer A New Way of Life", written by research Doctor, David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. The information on the dietary changes Anticancer diet Omega 3 eggswe are trying come mostly from this book. We told our Oncologist about the book, and he encouraged us with a anecdotal tale of one of his patients. There is a quote in the book - "All great truth goes through three phases. First it is ridiculed, then violently attacked, and finally accepted as self-evident." It might take medicine 20 years to accept some of the data in this book regarding diet, but Carl can't wait that long.

The scientific data points to the conclusion : People who want to protect themselves from cancer should seriously reduce their consumption of processed sugar and bleached flour.
(Fruit without sugar or syrup can be unlimited, fructose and glucose are different). There are many more dietary pointers.

There is an epidemic of cancer in industrialized countries and particularly Western countries. The epidemic is real, and the difference between "East and West" is shown to be not due to genetics. Cancer is a disease of "rich people".

Understanding what has changed to create this epidemic of cancer is important. Three major factors are identified.

  • The addition of large quantities of highly refined sugar.
  • Changes in our food due to changes in farming and animal raising
  • Exposure to a large number of chemical products.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies genetically became accustomed to a diet of fruit and vegetables, with occasional meat or eggs. The essential fatty acids of Omega 6 and Omega 3 were balanced, there was very little sugar, and no flour or cereals. Our ancestors sugar consumption averaged about 4 pounds (of honey) a year.

Today, 56 percent of the 'Western diet' calories come from three foods sources NON-EXISTENT to our ancestors: refined sugars, bleached flour, and vegetable oils.

the 'Western diet' contains over 10 times more Omega 6 then Omega 3.

Today Western human sugar consumption is between 50 to 150 pounds a year.
The high fructose corn syrup "new ingredient" makes things worse.

Cancer is out of control cell growth. Sugar nourishes cell growth. Cancer is largely dependent on glucose, the form of digested sugar in the body. White flour also contributes to glucose.

Some specific anti cancer dietary changes we are trying:
Carl tries to be a very low sugar diet. Basically
sugar is evil for Carl. He tries to use Agave nectar instead of sugar to sweeten tea, or lemonade. I encourage him to not drink sodas.

I encourage Carl to take a daily green Tea supplement, turmeric supplement (with pepper to increase absorption 2000%), and Omega 3 flax seed oil (as pills - Carl refuses to take the liquid form).

We are eating berries (raspberries and blue berries and strawberries) often. Summer was great this year, we would on some days buy and eat $7.00 of raspberries and strawberries when they were in season.
We also eat a lot more veggies (asparagus, etc.), but this tapers on and off.

We try to use only Omega 3 eggs, which cost 3-4 times as much as normal eggs. Paying $3.00 for one dozen Omega 3 eggs doesn't seem to make sense, so I find myself hoping the words 'Omega 3' are more then ink on the label.

In the past, our family is are good at short spurts of well intentioned plans that fade eventually. We will see were this one goes. All of these dietary changes aren't cheap. But I hope they will be effective.

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