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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Leg Radiation Starts

This week Carl started the next phase of his treatment. This phase will be a dose of outpatient chemotherapy on Monday, pre-radiation. On Tuesday radiation treatments to the leg will start daily for 5 days (but on on weekdays only, not Saturday or Sunday). Then there will be one more infusion of chemotherapy drugs, followed by 10 days of radiation treatments to the leg. So many treats and treatments!

On Monday, April 19, 2010, Carl and I went in to the Froedtert Cancer Center, met with the oncologist, and then Carl checked into the day hospital and was given an infusion of chemotherapy drugs via his port that lasted a little over an hour. We left the Cancer Center before noon. Yeah for outpatient chemotherapy! (Someday I'll add what drugs they were, but not today.)

Carl felt fine, but I had asked him not to go to work and he had agreed, and so we had lunch, ran some errands and got the children from school, etc. Carl even went to the YMCA that evening (and some of the children went swimming). We joined the YMCA over spring break and the children are loving it.

On Tuesday April 20, 2010 Carl and I drove to Froedtert and Carl got his first radiation treatment (of 15) to his leg. (Carl calls it getting zapped.) After that, Carl went to work. Carl said the side effect from this chemotherapy seems to be mostly extreme thirst. He says he can't believe how thirsty he feels, even though he is drinking water until he sloshes.

On Wednesday April 21, 2010 Carl and I drove to Froedtert and Carl got his second radiation treatment to his leg. Radiation is fast - less then 10 minutes of treatment once the receptionist calls you. Then Carl went back to work. He went to the YMCA Wednesday night as well.

On Thursday April 22, 2010 Carl got his 3rd dose of radiation. When he came home from work he laid down for a nap and didn't get up until after 9:00 PM. He says he is amazed at how wiped out he feels. It kind of surprised me too. Now I just want to get him to the weekend so I can regroup my thoughts. I hope this nap is just a one night crash and burn... but fatigue is one of the common side effects of radiation.

When something unexpected happens, I get worried and concerned. (Like cancer isn't enough?).

On Friday April 23, 2010 Carl will get his 4th dose of radiation out of 15, and then he gets to stay home for the weekend. I hope you have a great weekend, I'm planning on enjoying mine relaxing at home. God Bless!

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