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Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of September update

After the 17th dose of chemotherapy, (infusion Sept 7-8, 2011) Carl had a rough time regaining his equilibrium and energy.  He didn't go to work for nearly two weeks after the infusion.  This chemotherapy round was probably the hardest for Carl.  It does not help that Carl's left leg has become unable to bear weight.  Carl walks with a walker or crutches at all times now.

On Monday September 12, 2011, Carl's dad and mom came for a visit from Michigan.

Carl, Carl's dad Frank, and Carl's sister Heidi

We had a family pizza party and we took a group photo.

We also took a quick family photo, shown below.  Left to right, Miranda (12 years old), Anthony (15 years old), Nathan (13 years old) and Tom (17 years old).  Carl and I are in the front.

Later in the same week Carl's brother Greg came to town for a visit, on the way to visit Carl's Dad.  

On Monday, September 26, 2011, Carl started his 18th course of Chemotherapy with a 24 hour infusion of Trabectedin, (also called Yondelis).  Again, he stayed overnight at Froedtert to get this infusion, and came home Tuesday.  On Wednesday September 28, 2011 Carl got a Nuelasta shot.   

Carl was determined that this course would not knock him out like round 17 had, and he was able to recover better.  He actually felt like working, and building models, etc.

Carl got some interest in cooking back, here is his first attempt  at a French baguette.  Carl's hair does not seem to be falling out with the latest chemotherapy drugs. 

Carl Grisa
Carl making French Baguettes

In the back of the photo above you can see a odd gadget on the counter.  The photo at the left is a close up.  The item is Carl's favorite cooking gadget, the "Thermo-Pen".  It's probably his favorite cooking toy (of many). 


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Bridget said...

Wow. Those are some GREAT looking baguettes!!! I've tried but never had near the success Carl has!