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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carl's Birthday

Thursday, March 25, 2010 was Carl's birthday. For Carl's birthday he got a premier preformance of "The Sneeches" from Miranda's School, Wilson Elementary School. Miranda was awesome as "Sneech #3", and all 180 children that participated in some way in the play did an amazing job.

A friend Debbie brought over Carl's dinner and a Birthday cake. I kind of felt guilty that she brought over dinner, (AND a very cool cake), but it was a wonderful family meal and a great party. It made Carl's birthday go a bit easier for the entire family (you know, it was a school night, everyone had homework, etc.) The dinner was especially fitting for Carl. We have an ongoing debate in the family of which is preferred - rice or noodles. (All but one child loves both, but there is that tiny preference thing... You know, which to make tonight when it is the 3rd night of the week when you are having one or the other...; Which would you rather have chili over - rice or noodles...) I am ok with noodles more frequently then rice, as are most of my children, and Carl is entirely in the rice camp. (Sometimes I suspect he might actually not care for noodles - Gasp!) Dinner that night was a glorious meat and sauce dish over a bed of RICE! (Everyone liked it and had seconds.)

Again - it must be noted, we like both rice and noodles. In fact, I got Carl a rice maker for a gift one year. At first he was skeptical - and didn't want to use it. But I had watched a gourmet show, and as the TV chef said - rice makers work great. 500 million Asians can't be wrong.

Carl has been going to work daily, for typically eight hours a day, every work day since his last chemo was over, starting on March 9, 2010. He likes going to work, and his desk job working at a computer at Arandall Corporation is mentally challenging and not physically taxing. I am now comfortable with the idea of Carl working everyday. Staying at home and facing the always present to do list around an older house can sometimes make you anxious, so go and enjoy work Carl!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010, (today, as I write this) we are going to meet with Carl's Doctor (The Radiation Dude) to discuss the next steps. (Probably radiation, how long, when...) Guess how I slept last night? Horribly. I tossed and turned, saw the alarm clocks red numbers glaring at several points throughout the night. I would say I don't remember sleeping, except I had a wild dream of a crazy storm along the lakefront and all these little boats in distress as everyone basically hunkered down, got soaked and took a beating. And I was taking children to some scheduled sports activity in the rain, and the location kept having to change because of the rain. So I kept having to drive past the boats, and running into buildings in the pouring rain. But no one was dying, or even getting hurt, so I guess that is a good sign? The dream seems easier then today and the month ahead, now that I am awake. After all, the eventually the (dream) storm will be over with. (???)

The storm and rain dream is not made up. It's my actual dream from last night. I have fairly vivid dreams multiple times a week, in color.

I let you know what the Doc's have in mind... Bye for now!

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